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Emails are not reliable, emails are lost (or block) or sent to spam on a regular basis.
If you email us and do not receive a reply within 72 hours, it is not normal.

   Gilles Blanchette:

Phone Numbers

Please verify the time difference with Québec (EST).

   Montréal: 1-514-507-7752
   Cellphone: 1-438-885-8099

Mailing Addresses

If you send a check or a money order, make sure that the recipient is in the name of "Ortograf Inc.". If your check or money order is in euros, Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars, there is no conversion fee. If you want to use another currency, please contact us to find out the cost of conversion.

Ortograf Inc.
CDV 19585
350 Chemin Pré Neuf
38350 La Mure
or Ortograf Inc.
2323 Le Caron #261
Montréal (Québec)
H4E 0A2


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